excited demon by Richard Bartle


About the work

Once again, this painting references the internal architecture of a concrete frame building. Overlaid are other motifs and marks taken from the street art and graffiti around the area in which I live in Istanbul. The work is made using spray paint, graffiti pens and stencils. As well as the golden rings, splashing techniques, and underpainting concepts that are the starting points of all the works.

The whole project was predominantly about creating systems for mark making whilst employing limited tools. Tools I found in the streets and shops of Istanbul, these included; hair combs, adhesive spreaders, lengths of rope and string, masking tape, a water sprayer, sponge stamps and rings, scrubbing brushes for flicking paint, as well as artists brushes, spray cans, and sanding paper.

uyaran demon
(stimulating demon)


mixed media on canvas

273cm x 156cm

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© 1996 Richard Bartle, all rights reserved.