dancing demons by Richard Bartle



About the work

In 2009, when I was on my first artists residency at Platform Garanti, I lived in a cool neighbourhood called Cihangir. Near where I lived was a great nightclub mostly frequented by artists, trans people, and Russian mobsters. The club was a pretty seedy place, even the flashing dance floor was missing a few bulbs, but the music and the dancing was great. It was a fun last venue on a good night out. Later we would all wander to the 24-hour ‘Pide place’ under the mosque for a glass of Ayran and a cheese pide. Pide is a kind of Turkish pizza without the tomato base, Ayran is a slightly salty delicious yogurt drink.

demonların dansı
(dance of Demons)


mixed media on canvas

222cm x 485cm

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© 1996 Richard Bartle, all rights reserved.