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Brick & Stone, Iron & Bronze

Exhibition Dates: 1st - 30th June 2024

Opening Events: Sunday 2nd June (12pm - 3pm)

Tattershall Castle
37 Sleaford Road


Brick & Stone, Iron & Bronze is a series of paintings created on residency in the small farming community of Wood Enderby, Lincolnshire. Using the landscape at my feet as inspiration, the work focuses on the rubble and rocks that lay on the surface of the land, and the chunks of old iron, buttons, coins, and rare and intriguing artefacts found below.

Intended as a celebration of the British landscape and the rich historical narrative that forms our national identity, Brick & Stone, Iron & Bronze, literally digs through the layers of earth exposing evidence of our near and distant ancestors. Through these artefacts of the Celtic, Roman, Saxon, Viking, and Norman peoples, and those of our modern decedents, a story of constant occupancy and migration emerges about the land, and the notion of Britishness becomes a melting pot of cultures and stories.

As with all my art projects, Brick & Stone, Iron & Bronze is about the joy of painting through its use of shape, texture, and colour, about becoming immersed in a place, about being active in the landscape, but mostly about searching out stories in a hope that I might better understand my own position within the world and gain a better sense of my own belonging.



Open Every Day: 10:30-16:30 (Last Admission - 15:30)
(Entry Fees Apply)


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37 Sleaford Road, Tattershall, Lincolnshire, LN4 4LR
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